Nebulae / NGC2024 - The Flame Nebula
Flame Nebula
NGC2024 - The Flame Nebula

Object Description:
The very bright star Alnitak (Zeta Orionis, the eastern-most star in Orion's belt) to the lower left of the frame, excites the hot gases in NGC 2024 (Flame Nebula) causing it to glow in almost unique and beautiful colours, predominantly shell-pink, but ranging from yellow to deep orange. The dark central area is caused by a lane of dust in the foreground.

The Flame Nebula is one of the most striking nebulas in the sky, although it requires dark skies and at least a 10" scope to appreciate its beauty.

Date Captured:
 - 11/11 through 11/12 2005

Equipment Used:
 - Televue NP-127
 - TAK NJP mount, unguided
 - TV 0.8 focal reducer
 - Meade DSI-Pro

Exposure Detail:
- L, 54x1 minute exposures, plus 45x85 second exposures
- R, 35x1 minute exposures
- G, 41x1 minute exposures
- B, 39x1 minute exposures

 - Initial alignment of each separate layer information
 - Channel alignment
Photoshop CS:
 - Levels and Curves layers
 - Selective color layer
 - High Pass sharpening
 - Sharpening with NIK Sharpener Pro
 - Noise reduction with NeatImage